Magical Winter Knights

Magical Winter Knights…Warriors of Ancient Worlds converge together in a new year’s celebration filled with magic, pageantry, Feasting and Tournament fun.

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The Ranch Events Complex is playing host to a brand new, fully immersive renaissance festival. Unlike other festivals, Magical Winter Knights stands in a realm of its own. A renaissance festival, a medieval festival, a fantasy faire and a combat sporting event combined for one explosive two day event; entirely indoors.

Magical Winter Knights Ticket packages

  • $55 – (1) Nobles Feast Ticket, (1) Village Fair Ticket and (1) VIP General Admission Tournament Ticket
  • $30 – (1) Village Fair Ticket and (1) General Admission Tournament Ticket
  • $10 – (1) Village Fair Ticket

The Village Fair – 1st National Bank Building North Hall – Open 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Each Day

Enter into a medieval marketplace where artisans and shop keepers display their crafts. Visit one of two village stages where some of the best medieval style busker perform for your entertainment. young or old, it does not matter, all will be entertained with shows scheduled throughout the day. Kids will enjoy craft areas and fun activities with medieval style games and even human powered rides.

The Nobles Feast – 1st National Bank Building South Hall – Begins at 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. Each Day

After a walk through the village, take your seat at the Nobles Feast; a pre-tournament feast where as a noble you will dine with the King and Queen. While eating a scrumptious feast fit for royalty, you will also be entertained by select performers who will leave you eating like a peasant because your hands will be too busy clapping.

Once the feast is over, you will be escorted back to the modern age and take your VIP seat in the tournament arena to watch a high energy combat tournament.

Each Nobles Feast will last for 90 minutes leading up to the start of each tournament.

The Tournament – Budweiser Events Center – Tournaments Begin at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. Each Day

This is where the show takes a trip from history and fantasy back to the modern age and brings with it some of the best medieval style warriors the world has ever seen. The first half of the show is a hand to hand Medieval Combat Championship; a cross between the UFC and Gladiator. Four armored warriors will put themselves to the test using different medieval style weapons. Within each match are three, three minute rounds with only one minute in-between each round for the fighters to catch their breath.

The winners will then face each other in a final match where there are no breaks; just 10 minutes of uninterrupted combat. Each strike will count and with 90 pounds of armor on, staying on your feet is always an impressive feat.

When the winner is declared, a 15 minute intermission will be had. After the intermission, make your way back to your seats for the main event.

Eight knights on horseback, full clad in armor, will then compete in an International Full Contact Jousting Tournament.

From the producers of History’s hit show Full Metal Jousting comes a live event you do not want to miss. Instant replays on the Budweiser Events Center jumbotron will help you relive all of the action so you are sure to not miss a thing.



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