IndiGold Management

Established in 2008 as the artist management arm of Jay Goldberg Events and Entertainment. indiGold proudly represents:

Cindy Youngren

South Side Cindy
South Side Cindy Youngren has performed professionally since the age of 16.  The very day she got her driver’s license she found a job singing in a band.  It wasn’t long until Cindy knew that she was no longer destined to follow the route of the “cover band” scene and realized that she was ready to write her own songs and put together her own team to collaborate, record and perform.

Cindy writes the core of her songs on guitar and piano.  She is a triple threat as a song writer, vocalist and performer and gives every ounce of energy to the audience.  Her talent and class on stage are her trademark.



Cindy Youngren: Lead Singer & Songwriter

Wendy Garnant: Back up Vocals

Steve Youngren: Lead Guitar

George Smith III (Tre): Bass / Vocals

Jim Donahue : Keyboards/ Vocals

Dan Diefendorf: Drums

Genre: Blues, Americana Funk’n Grove

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