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Late Night Radio

Pocket Full Of Dream Tour
w/ Poldoore & Motifv

Thursday, January 18
Doors: 9pm // Show: 9pm
$20 ADV / $25 DOS

Late Night Radio:

Alex Medellin aka Late Night Radio is a Denver-based musician, producer, and pillar of the Colorado electronic music scene. His unique hybrid electronic sound is inspired by classic soul and third coast hip-hop.


“The easiest way to describe my music is, ‘Electronic music for people who don’t really like electronic music’,” Alex explains. “There’s hip-hop bass and beats, which keep it relevant. However, I’m taking it into new territory.”


It’s also a style he’s been working towards perfecting for nearly a decade. The Houston native bounced from New Orleans to Austin to Temecula and eventually Big Bear. During 2011, he started composing music for online videos and commercials before relocating to Colorado and going full-time in 2014. Along the way, he released a series of fan favorite albums—Concrete College [2012], Far Into the Night [2013], Soap Box [2014], Reflective Tangents [2016], Sunday [2018], Further Into the Night [2019], plus two collaborative albums with Canadian rapper Def3, Small World [2017] and Weddings & Funerals [2021].  In 2022, Late Night Radio released the bass EP Back Around on Philos Records and the 10th installment of his Vinyl Restoration series. 


2023 has started off with several collaborations – “Hold On” with Motifv, a remix of Maddy O’Neal’s “Climb On”, “Blindfold Yourself” and “Storm Clouds Rising” on Daily Bread’s new LP Invisible Cinema, “Emerald City” with Michal Menert, and now a new full-length album on the way – Pocket Full of Dreams, out October 20th on Philos Records.


In the end, the moniker Late Night Radio reflects the vibrant versatility at the heart of the sound.  “At 3AM, DJs will play whatever they want on the radio,” he leaves off. “That’s what I’m doing. It’s a very eclectic mix. It’s who I am.”

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